Corrosion protection in our scope of activities is limited to protective coating. J&P has undertaken various surface protection coating activities. We have developed the capacity to undertake hot pressure wash surface preparation where surface has not suffered oxidation attack but rather has been covered in oily, greasy and other chemicals that are not chemically bonded but has only formed physical bonding with a surface. We are competent in providing protective coating application within standards of Steel Structures Painting Council (SPPC-SP) and Surface Preparation Standards for Painting Steel Surfaces (SIS 055900 – 1967), SA 2, SA 2 ½.


Notable among the various protective coating activities that we have undertaken is the surface preparation and painting, Equipment and Devices identification and tagging, and Pipe flow directional signage that was carried out for West African Gas Pipeline Project for the four (4) Regulating and Metering Stations in Takoradi, Tema, Lome- Togo and Cotonou- Benin in the years 2009 – 2010.

Protective painting on Piping for WAGPCo

Equipment and Devices identification and Tagging for WAGPCo

Painting and Signage for Equipment and Piping WAGPCo

Hot Pressure wash Surface Cleaning - WAGPCo